Maria Alandes Pradillo IT SDC ID

CERN, CH-1211 Geneve 23 Switzerland
IT department
Phone: +41 22 76 71380
Office Location: 28R-003
Mailbox: G06600

My Work


I work in IT-SDC-ID. IT Department, Support for Distributed Computing group, Information and Data section.

I am responsible for the WLCG Grid Information System.Check the Information System web page to know more about it.

I am also part of the WLCG Operations Coordination team. If you want to know more about WLCG, please visit the project page. For more details on WLCG Operations Coordination activities, please check this twiki.

Other responsibilities:

IT-CMS secretary: I attend the monthly meetings held between IT representatives and CMS experiment computing representatives. I am responsible for taking the minutes of the meeting.


I used to be the ITIL contact person for the former IT-GT group: Learn more about how Incident Management was implemented for grid users, and in particular how User Support was managed in the IT-GT group.

I participated in the EMI project where I was resposible for writing and monitoring the Software Quality Assurance Plan. Visit this twiki if you want to know more about Software Quality Assurance in EMI. EMI finished on May 2013.

I also participated in the EGEE project where I worked in the activity responsible for Integration, Configuration and Certification of the middleware. The middleware was called gLite. EGEE finished on April 2010.

My responsibilities within the EGEE project were:

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Papers, Presentations, Conferences and more


Presentations Conferences Press
  • Interview for Computerphile, August 2013: I was interviewed by Brady Haran about The Grid, CERN's Global Supercomputer
  • Gridfest, CERN, Geneva, October 2008: I participated in the Gridfest event, in the EGEE stand, answering questions for the media who attended the event.
  • Interview about the LHC Grid at the CERN Computer Center, August 2008: I was interviewed by the Spanish Agency for Science and Technology to explain how the LHC grid works. See the recorded interview in this video.
  • Nuit de la Science, Geneva, July 2008: I answered questions from the people visiting the CERN stand during the "Nuit de la Science" event organised by the city of Geneva. For more details, check this CERN Bulletin article.
  • YAIM: herding gLite configuration, ISGTW, February 2008: Check this ISGTW article about YAIM.
  • Broadcast Grids for Kids, December 2007: I gave a video link presentation about the Grid to a group of kids who were sitting at the Rutherford Appelton Laboratory in the UK. You can read more about this event in this article.
  • Shadowing day at CERN, Geneva, November 2007: I participated in the Shadowing day organised by the EGEE project, guiding a group of female students from College du Leman into the CERN Computing Center. I also spent the afternoon with one of the students, showing her how my work at CERN is. Learn more about the Shadowing day in this ISGTW article and in this CERN Bulletin article and have a look at the video Shadows behind the computers.
  • Grids for Kids, Geneva, February 2007: I gave a presentation about the Grid to a group of kids aged nine to eleven within the context of the Grids for Kids activity organised by EGEE. You can read more about this event in this ISGTW article and in this CERN Bulletin article.
CERN Guide

I am a CERN guide. I make guided visits to the SM18, ATLAS Visitors Center, LINAC, SPS and Computer Center at CERN.

See my web page about the Computing Center visits.

See the introductory presentation I give to the groups visiting CERN.

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My Hobbys

I used to play basketball in the female team of Versoix. We participated in the ACGBA league in Geneva and also in the Coupe ACGBA.

I used to take Flamenco dancing lessons with Ana La China in Geneva.

After my daugther Eva was born, I quit Basket and Flamenco, but I have other hobbys too :-)

I take Yoga classes at the Yoga club and Fitness classes at the Fitness club at CERN.

I am a member of the AMAP Pays de Gex (Association pour le Maintien d'une Agriculture Paysanne).

I like running and I am a member of the CERN Running Club. I run many races every year. Here you can find pictures of some of the races where I have participated at CERN:

If you want to run, never run alone and join us tuesdays and thursdays at 12h15 in front of Smash for a group training!

I am a member of the CERN Photo club. You can visit my public gallery in Picasa and my Photo blog.


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How to be up to date

And some RSS feeds you may want to subscribe to: ARS Technica, Discovery News, Engadget, Fast Company, Gizmodo, iGSTW, wired, Zdnet.

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Why we need to do things properly...

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